Baby Luxury Candle & Aroma Gift Set

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Fragrance Lasts for 3-4 Months
Next Day Delivery Available
Quality certified
Premium Gifting

Material: Glass Bottle, Sola wood flower for diffusing the fragrance, sola wood stand-alone piece, Soya wax scented candle.

Choice of Candle - Teddy bear, Car, Eiffel tower, etc Any color Candle can be done.

1x 150ml classic reed diffuser bottle with the fragrance of choice

1x Peony sola-wood flower for diffusing fragrance. 1x sola-wood floral Bunch as centerpiece which diffuses fragrance too

1x Vanilla Shea Butter soy-wax candle (3x3 inch)

1x Beautiful handcrafted Best wishes message card

1x 3ml room spray bottle


1)Aromatic Reed diffuser with Standalone handmade bunch as centerpiece wrapped in elegant packaging really suitable for baby announcement hampers.

2)Take your home décor to a next level with our stunning-looking Diffusers.

3)The hand-crafted Flower when put in the bottle, absorbs the oil blend and gradually diffuses the scent, filling your house with magestic///inviting// Fragrance.

4)We use the purest essential oils hence each Aroma Bottle lasts for about 3 months replacing the flower bouquet which lasts only a day.

5) Soya wax scented candle .. scent lingers for hours and hours. 4) Makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

Any changes or customization can be done. An instruction card is placed inside each box to help how to use the products. We deliver Pan India.

Personalized Theme Boxes can be done Baby arrival poem/ First Birthday Poem/ baby coming soon poem. Family Thank you card Guest Name tags Any Dry fruits or Sweets (provided by clients or us) can be added. Choice of Candle - Teddy bear, Car, Eiffel tower, etc Any color Candle can be done.

length: 37 cm, Width: 28 cm & Height: 10cm

26x26x23 cm

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